API Developers

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   Enables vendor application to seamlessly integrate with other applications
   Development and maintenance of one interface, rather than a bespoke solution for each customer
   Data exchange is secure and processed in a timely manner


The xPress API suite embodies simplicity in its design by using contemporary technologies like REST, JSON and OAuth, enabling direct communication among systems (middleware is optional) and representing commonly used data in a straightforward manner.  (If you are not familiar with REST, check out this tutorial ‘What is REST?’.)

Most developers will immediately grasp the concepts and implementation because xPress APIs look and act just like other modern APIs.

In order to ensure interoperability and fit with marketplace needs, xPress API solutions must support the creation of tokens through Password Grant.  Tokens allow applications to submit credentials for synchronizing data.  Tokens require a responsible user’s permission, which gives them the ability to give the indicated user one or more shortcuts to the requested data.   Tokens are similar to barcodes.  When you look at a barcode, it’s not understandable, but when you have the right access and format, you can read it.  A token requires two things: a key and a format.  The key is what is passed first when you authenticate; this authentication is passed in HTTP calls, and a call to the REST interface.
(For more information on tokens, please refer to the Developer’s Guide or the RIC One sandbox)

Just like OAuth 2.0, xPress APIs rely heavily on existing Internet grade security.  This includes the use of TLS (HTTPS) to prevent the reading of intercepted messages.

There are currently seventy objects from which solutions can be designed and built.  Anyone can start to build a product or service modeled on these to provide the marketplace with options that go beyond any single xPress API.  In addition to this there are many infrastructure advantages that can be realized above and beyond the APIs currently available.

xPress APIs are developed using open standards and contemporary technologies opening the marketplace to innovation and allowing users to select ‘best of breed’ applications to meet their requirements.


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