Going Beyond Roster

Going Beyond Roster


Other XPress APIs

xPress Roster isn’t just one REST API comprised from SIF components and enhancements, it is the first. It has reshaped how the SIF standard can view, respond to, and communicate opportunities to better learning both directly and indirectly. Once you create initial interface points, additional capabilities can be added easily.


Adding Enterprise Features

The SIF Data Model Implementation Specification (NA) 3.3 includes seventy objects from which solutions can be designed and built. Anyone can start to build a product or service modeled on these to provide the marketplace with options that go beyond any single xPress API. In addition to this there are many Infrastructure advantages that can be realized above and beyond this particular API, all of which can be found in the SIF Infrastructure Implementation Specification 3.1.


As Roster Matures

It is important to recognize that many things grow better over time, and indeed this may happen to the API laid out in this document. At this point the most considered enhancement is to leverage not only the ability to read data but also to write it. The Access 4 Learning Community invites you to learn along with us.


<–Component 1: Authentication

<–Component 2: Infrastructure

<–Component 3: Data