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Stay in control of your data.



   makes it easier for you to connect disparate systems and share common data
   increases the opportunities for educators, learners and parents to access and utilize data
   reduces the administration burden by sharing data, rather than having to key in multiple times
   improves data quality


xPress APIs are developed using open standards and contemporary technologies, therefore opening the marketplace to innovation and allowing users to select ‘best of breed’ applications to meet their requirements.  By using modern technologies (like REST and OAuth), xPress APIs embody simplicity by enabling direct communication among systems.

Need a quick 101?  Check out these resources below:

   If you are not familiar with APIs, check out this video ‘What is an API?
   If you are not familiar with REST, check out this tutorial ‘What is REST?’.
(Please note, we are not endorsing any company or product by linking to these videos.)

xPress APIs can be developed by vendors (or your own IT department) but are administered by you.  With ‘permission only’ access, only authorized personnel have access to the shared data, which is encrypted and sent securely.  xPress APIs rely heavily on existing Internet grade security, this includes the use of TLS (HTTPS) to prevent the reading of intercepted messages.

There are currently seventy objects from which solutions (xPress APIs) can be designed and built.  Anyone can start to build a product or service based on these objects to provide the marketplace with options that go beyond any single xPress API.  The two solutions currently available are Student Record Exchange and Roster, although the Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community are developing more use cases for release in the near future.


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