Example RFP Language

The following are examples of RFP and Legislative Language in use today at local and state level:


In Use LEA xPress Roster RFP Example

The goal of the [insert project name here] project is the creation of a new [insert description] that supports the latest certified version of the SIF Specification and which will allow for the integration of current data from multiple source systems into a single structure. The [insert name of project] project will perform all inter-system data transfers (with internal and external agencies) and application integration functions for [insert function].

The [insert application/solution/etc.] must be certified to the most recent version of the xPress Roster [confirm whether Consumer or Provider] Certification Program, which enable school districts software management systems to communicate roster information with each other.


In Use SEA SIF RFP Example

To assist in the implementation of the state reporting systems required pursuant to [project/legislative/ etc. charge], the Department shall contract for the creation of, and implement, a state-wide data-sharing system that is based on the xPress Roster API. After the state-wide data-sharing system is implemented, each school district may, but is not required to, participate in the state-wide data-sharing system by using a data system that is certified with the Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community.

All technology systems used by the Department of Education and by local K-12 schools and districts shall be xPress Roster Certified. Alternative systems may be used if the alternative system is compliant and all data sets required by the Department of Education are provided to the department in acceptable, real-time format. Schools and districts may use alternative compliant systems if an alternative system is needed because of cost, efficiency, or a need for additional software features.


In Use Policy SIF Legislative Language

Any state and/or federal funds utilized in the development and implementation of student record systems, local, regional and state educational entities shall construct systems to contain the following elements and comply with the following standards and compliance capabilities:

 UtilizeExtensibleMark-upLanguage(XML),whichdefinescommondataformatsusedduring communication between disparate systems;
 Certify to the most recent version of xPress Roster Certification, which enable school district software management systems to communicate with each other; and
 Utilize defined state data codes to ensure consistent reporting from school districts (i.e. course identifiers, teacher certification, etc.).

By the [insert 20XX-20XX] school year, any state or federally funded student information systems and any instructional management system used by school districts and the state shall comply with the Extensible Mark-up Language (XML), standards and xPress Roster Certification, or any updated versions of the specifications.