User Examples

There are example user stories for xPress Roster.  Additional user stories for xPress Student Record Exchange, xPress IEP and xPress Grade Pass-back will follow.



User Scenario 1: Provisioning Educational Systems

Jack sells online learning for “Earth Sci 9H”, a popular online earth science curriculum. Planet School District purchased Jack’s curriculum only for its students who are taking earth science and the teacher teaching it.  The school’s online learning platform uses xPress to securely connect the district and its content publishers.  “Earth Sci 9H” has been given xPress Roster credentials to the district’s data.  Jack wants to make sure that only teachers and students actually taking earth science will be set up with “Earth Sci 9H” accounts.

First Jack’s application requests all the courses and finds all courses of interest.

Next, Jack’s application uses the course’s unique identifier obtained from the course request to associate the course with all the people involved, including students and teachers.

Then, the application sets up tracking for the students and teacher in his systems utilizing one of the unique identifiers provided by the learning system or the student names, through xRoster objects.

Once that information is obtained, the application can store the unique identifiers, the student names or both.


User Scenario 2: The Mobile Teacher

Jill is a sophisticated teacher; she’s never separated from her tablet and always on top of things. However it is the beginning of the school year and she is having trouble remembering all her students’ names.  She soon finds that IT has installed a xPress Roster app that gives Jill the class list she needs, right on her tablet.

Behind the scenes, Jill’s app is surprisingly similar to Jack’s software. After all, both are collecting rosters of the people they serve.  However Teacher Jill is an already authenticated part of the school’s own system as is the app, so both Jill and her app get to take a shortcut.

When Jill logs in her credentials is verified.

This allows her app to retrieve all her rosters and let her select the section she is currently teaching.


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