xPress Grade Pass-back

**xPress Grade Pass-back is currently in development**


Challenge: The Integration of Assessment Systems into the Classroom Ecosystem

Assessment information is critical in depicting where a learner is in their progression, where we collectively want them to be and design a path to get them there

Complications in the various types of information needed, where that information is housed, and then movement to enable usage by practitioners


Realities: There are “Multiples” to Consider

Ability for multiple stakeholders to more quickly leverage assessment results

Synchronization of reporting across multiple systems

Opportunity to fill the “multiple gaps” between classroom assessment and SEA reporting processes



More quickly leverage insights on how a student is performing

Provide educators, parents and other authorized partners near real-time access to student progress information


Example of Grade Pass-Back usage by Kimono & Instructure in Utah, USA.



If you would like to join in and help us develop this next API, please contact us.  Alternatively, if you have an existing use case, get it touch – we would love to help!